The Manitoba Defensive Pistol League was founded in 2006 to provide a launchpad for defensive pistol & handgun competition in Manitoba.  We are the IDPA Provincial body for Manitoba.

Our goals are to create safe shooters, great competitors, and a expand on our strong shooting community.  We have partnered with the International Defensive Pistol Association to provide great training packages, combined with expert instructors, in a discipline recognized around the world.

September 24 Gretna Match – Cancelled

Once again, the weather has interfered with the planned IDPA shoot at the Border Lane range.

Queens Jubilee

Shooter engages target around barricade

Blue skies & great weather for September! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Division Champions – Score (Points down)
Top SSP – Rob S – 130.96 (21)
Top ESP – Frank B – 235.47 (37)
Top CDP – Jason H – 180.64 (48)
Most Accurate (Tied) – Rob S & James C – 21 points down

Full Match Results


August 27 Gretna Match – Cancelled

Match & Classifier Results

August 2016

A very challenging day of classifiers! If you want to see how you would rank in your IDPA class you can take your final time (raw + penalties) for stage 1, 2 & 3 and compare it with the IDPA … Continue reading