The Manitoba Defensive Pistol League was founded in 2006 to provide a launchpad for defensive pistol & handgun competition in Manitoba.  We are the IDPA Provincial body for Manitoba.

Our goals are to create safe shooters, great competitors, and a expand on our strong shooting community.  We have partnered with the International Defensive Pistol Association to provide great training packages, combined with expert instructors, in a discipline recognized around the world.

Shotgun Match Results

Thus endeth another MDPL season! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped set up and to all our competitors for coming out. The 2018 schedule will be posted in early December.

October Handgun – Score (Points down)
Top ESP – Clarke A – 94.8 (16)
Top SSP – Tom G – 67.67 (5)
Most Accurate – John K – 3 points down

Full Match: IDPA_Oct_14,_2017_Results

October Shotgun – Score (Points down)
Top Enhanced – Clarke A – 113.73 (8)
Top Stock – Tom G – 68.31 (0)
Most Accurate – TIED – Tom G & John K – Zero points down (Great shooting guys!)

Full Match: IDPA_Oct_14,_2017_(Shotgun)_Results

Shotgun Rules

We generally follow the IDPA Defensive Multi Gun rules for our matches which you can find here: IDPA DMG Rule Book The following rule amendments are MDPL club rules: Stock Division – A MAXIMUM of 12 rounds of ammunition are allowed … Continue reading

September Match Results

September Handgun – Score (Points down) Top CDP – Dave F – 160.38 (16) Top ESP – Clarke A – 143.99 (2) Top SSP – Rob S – 85.70 (15) Most Accurate – Clarke A – 2 points down Full Match: C0652_IDPA_Sep_30,_2017_Results

August Results

August Handgun – Score (Points down)
Top CDP – Dave F – 283.86 (73)
Top SSP – Rob S – 123.18 (20)
Most Accurate – Tied  – Mark M & Rob S – 20 points down

Full Match: Full Scores