The Manitoba Defensive Pistol League was founded in 2006 to provide a launchpad for defensive pistol & handgun competition in Manitoba.  We are the IDPA Provincial body for Manitoba.

Our goals are to create safe shooters, great competitors, and a expand on our strong shooting community.  We have partnered with the International Defensive Pistol Association to provide great training packages, combined with expert instructors, in a discipline recognized around the world.

IDPA New Rule Book for 2017

Some changes include:

1 full second per point down.
Targets engaged in tactical priority. (3.2)
Use of cover (3.5.5)
Reloads / re-engagement in the open when moving. (3.5.6)
Cover fault lines. (3.6)

See link below for complete information.

Rule Book

2016 Season is over


Thank you to everyone who came out to our matches in 2016! The 2017 schedule will be ready in November. If you are interested in joining us, email to get on the training list.

October Handgun – Score (Points down)
Top CDP – Dennis A – 104.21 (39)
Top ESP – Paul R – 84.10 (17)
Top SSP – Keith A – 78.38 (14)
Most Accurate (Tied) – Nick P – 6 points down

Full Match: Handgun Results

October Shotgun – Score (Points down)
Top SSG/TAC – Mike M – 64.41 (7)
Top ESG – Paul R – 40.34 (5)
Top OPEN – Keith A – 71.59 (6)
Most Accurate (Tied) – Rob S – 2 points down

Full Match: Shotgun Results

September 24 Gretna Match – Cancelled

Once again, the weather has interfered with the planned IDPA shoot at the Border Lane range.

Queens Jubilee

Shooter engages target around barricade

Blue skies & great weather for September! Thanks to everyone who came out.

Division Champions – Score (Points down)
Top SSP – Rob S – 130.96 (21)
Top ESP – Frank B – 235.47 (37)
Top CDP – Jason H – 180.64 (48)
Most Accurate (Tied) – Rob S & James C – 21 points down

Full Match Results