Membership to the MDPL is free to Canadian Shooting Sports Members.  CSSA provides our training program, our Range Officer’s program, and insurance.  There are too many benefits to CSSA membership to list here, so check out their site link at the top of our page.  We encourage our membership to be stewards of the firearms community, and to strengthen ties through membership in many organizations, not just one.

Training is provided by the Range Officers of MDPL, and they donate their time.  We have costs to meet for range rentals, targets, etc, and charge a nominal fee of $50 for training.  CSSA Memberships are available at this time, for $45.  If you’re already a member, no need to pay twice.  We have most people tell us that they are experienced, and don’t need the course.  We will advise you that the training is to maintain a safe environment, and for you to learn the rules.  It’s no fun learning the rules by taking penalty’s, so let’s get those out of the way in the course.  The course will cover all aspects of this sport, with a focus on safe handling, marksmanship, skills development, and fun.

If your range is interested in hosting a defensive pistol night, please let us know, and we’ll add it to the calendar.

If you’re in the market for gear, check out our links section.  Urban Tactical in Winnipeg is a stocking dealer of 5.11 Tactical & Blackhawk gear. You can also pickup a nice pistol at Wholesale, Cabelas, or Wolverine Supplies out in Virden.  All are recommended dealers.  You don’t have to come out full force and blow a ton of cash to get involved, most of the shooters are using basic gear, that could be used daily for lawful concealed carry.  Use of competition only gear is discouraged.

Please take some time to register on our website, access to the forum is granted to registered users.

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